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The WorkforceIQ Consulting Group was founded as a collaboration of three colleagues who were all former CEOs in the Tertiary Education sector. This collaboration has established a diverse yet complementary skill set, with many decades of combined skills and knowledge gained across Australasia.


In bringing together like-minded colleagues with backgrounds as diverse as an engineer, a scientist and an arts major we have established a dynamic not commonly seen. This dynamic allows us to view projects through a truly multifaceted lens and for us to innovate when finding solutions for our clients.

Why Us?


Our Trans-Tasman experience and reach provides an excellent base from which to develop custom solutions for our clients, as does the work we have undertaken internationally.  


Our group brings

  • experience and relevant expertise in the design, implementation, and operation of education systems

  • experience in standard setting as a strategic advisor to an Australian SSO, previously an ISC advisory board member and as the CEO of a New Zealand Industry Training Organisation

  • experience in running tertiary education institutions in Australia and New Zealand in roles such as CEO and COO

  • experience in running schools as a school Principal

  • extensive experience in working with industry employers, associations, and other employer stakeholders

  • extensive experience in working with and in Government

Collaboration was at the heart of forming the WorkforceIQ Consulting Group and is still a core value for us today. We enjoy working with others and will co-opt other consultants from our extensive network as and when a project requires it.


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