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Val Ridley

Senior Consultant - Queensland

About Valerie

As an innovator and entrepreneur with a foundation built on science, social impact, education, and business creation. Val has the passion and drive to lead change and create a positive impact via real-world design and scale.


Following a career in science (environmental science and aquatic toxicology), and secondary school education (STEM), Val worked as a social sector leader for more than 15 years across Australia at the intersection of industry and education.  Val brings a fresh approach to education inequality solutions.

In 2019 Val commenced consulting work. Operating nationally, regionally, and locally Val specialises in strategically and innovatively connecting the worlds of industry and education. By supporting industry and education sectors to link the trends and opportunities provided by the future of work with education and the curriculum, she hopes to ensure our fast-changing, complex and unpredictable world of work is accessible to young people regardless of who they are or where they live. 

Val is a proud mum of two young adults and a labradoodle. With a passion for marine conservation, she spends time volunteering in a marine turtle monitoring program and humpback whale research program.

Areas of Speciality 

  • Future of work

  • Industry-education collaboration

  • Real-world education: industry-focused curriculum

  • STEM Education

  • Program development

  • Co-design facilitation

  • Measurement, evaluation and learning framework development

  • Career Education

  • Project management


  • Growth industries: future jobs (multi-industry approach)

  • Digital skill demands regional analysis

  • Digital mentoring platform development

  • Various projects: long-term complex industry-school collaborative projects in regional and remote areas of Australia.