Work Pathways

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Project scope

The aim of this project is to create an interactive Australian vocational job pathways tool by mapping the Year 9 to 12 curriculum to two pilot Skills Organisation industry areas, the Human Services Care and Mining sectors. These industry areas have been chosen to align the project to the new Skills Organisations and ensure the resulting tool is valued by industry in those areas.

The project will be launched with a working title of "Work Pathways". The final brand name for the project and the pathways tool will be informed by industry views.

This project has been scoped in response to recommendation 7.2 of the Strengthening Skills – Expert Review of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training System (Joyce Review) using the New Zealand Vocational Pathways model as a reference point.

The Australian version, Work Pathways, will be adapted or contextualised to deliver a model that is relevant to the Australian context.

The project will involve:

  • stakeholder consultations with relevant business and industry peak organisations, and state and territory governments to seek their views. We look to gain a better understanding of industry’s skills and knowledge expectations of school leavers including the subjects they regard as most relevant to occupations within their industry mapping Australian secondary school subjects (Years 9 to 12) to industry expectations to show pathways in the two focus industry areas.

  • developing an interactive online tool to assist students, teachers, and career practitioners to understand the link between secondary subjects and the skills and knowledge gained and work pathways in the two focus industry areas. 

  • the online tool leveraging the existing Stride4 Job Profiler and must be published on an Australian Government website.


Project Team Recommendations

Recommendation 1

Define additional industry clusters

Consult with industry and with other DESE stakeholders to

  • refine/define industry clusters 

  • confirm industry occupation naming conventions 

  • further confirm database alignment in other industries and refine pathway values

  • explore the development and inclusion of a strength rating for industry pathway mapping 

Recommendation 2

Include Vocational subjects

  • Map Vocational subjects using a suitable and comparable methodology to the work already conducted and include this in the data set alongside the current curriculum.

  • Focus on VET in school subjects but research if additional subjects, micro credentials, skills sets, or units have merit for inclusion 

Recommendation 3

Position Work Pathways

  • At initial roll out, NCI should focus on Work Pathways and any associated online tool being used by school students, teaching and career staff and a students’ support network. 

  • Considering this audience, the tool should focus on assisting year 9 & 10 in making subject selections and years 11 & 12 in informing career pathway discussions. 

  • The online tool should be integrated with or built as part of the NCI Your Career Platform. It should also work with or be integrated with Job Outlook and MySkills.

  • Provide schools with support for implementation by establishing a series of pilot schools in each state and territory.

  • Develop and publish guidance collateral for all users of the online too

Recommendation 4

Position Work Pathways wider

  •  NCI should develop operational policy framework for the wider use of Work Pathways

  • Consideration may be given to inclusion of other dimensions within the Work Pathways mapping such as the inclusion of a skills dimension, and the inclusion of a mechanism to define a strength of the pathways matching

  • Once established NCI/DESE should consider wider applications of the Work Pathways mapping data 

An example may be the development of a report to assist schools targeting their curriculum offer to local economic demands. Information regarding local economic demands could be drawn from JEDI data or the Labour Market Information Portal

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Project Team


Dean Minchington

Senior Consultant / Project Lead



Dr Rick Ede

Senior Consultant



Arthur Graves

Senior Consultant


Project Sponsor / Partners

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